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Chris brings a dynamic, effective, and practical approach to designing and conducting workshops in leadership, team-building, coaching, and employee engagement.

1As one of the pioneers in this field since 1981, Chris brings a no-nonsense approach to designing workshops with his partners Frank Wagner, and Marshall Goldsmith. He customizes workshops tailored to the organization's culture and strengths – all the while focusing on specific areas that need improvement. By utilizing both 360 feedback and mini surveys to measure improvement, Chris makes executive and management coaching a natural extension of the performance improvement. Perhaps most importantly, Chris is laser focused on the outcomes of what he offers – bringing about meaningful and effective change – not only the process of getting there. 

Chris has been a member of the faculty of the Technical Manager Program at UCLA and has been a guest professor at Gonzaga University in Florence, Italy. Chris is a founding partner of Prism Ltd. and Stakeholder Centered Coaching with Frank Wagner and Marshall Goldsmith.

Leadership Development Programs

Excellent Manager

The key levers for leaders are a dynamic balance between supporting and improving one’s commitments. These are based upon the Commitment Model presented in The Excellent Manager workshop. Whether commitment is to customers, key business results, an individual/team, the organization’s strategy and management or to oneself as a leader, the levers to gaining commitment are two interrelated sets of behavior that together ensures long-term commitment. They are:

  • Supporting Behavior:to demonstrate and gain commitment from others you must focus on what’s important, lead by example, reward success, and build respect (manage disrespect)
  • Improving Behavior: to demonstrate and gain commitment from others you must look for a better way, learn from others, challenge expectations, and risk making changesexcellent manager

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • How focus and positive example are not so easy to maintain
  • What to do and avoid in rewarding others
  • The significance of effectively standing up to disrespect
  • Why constant efforts to improve need to be balanced with support
  • The role of taking risks and excellence
Drive Strategic Action

The key levers for leaders driving strategy are mindset, method and online planning and execution tools.

These levers are based on the GeoPro ModelÔ developed by Geo Strategic Services Inc. Traditional methods of strategic planning are no longer effective given the pace and complexity facing organizations today.   What is needed is a mindset and method adapted to today’s reality:

  • Mindset: - Think Strategically, Focus Sharply, and Move Quickly
  • Methods - Design Your Future, Target for Success, and Campaign to Win (Execution)
  • Tools – Collaborate on-line, Plan Openly, Act in Parallel

Historically, most strategy work has been aimed only at the development of a plan. The Geo process utilizes mindset, method and tools to drive planning AND rapid execution.

Influence Across Boundaries

The key levers for leaders are aimed at creating “invisible lines of trust” needed to operate where formal lines of authority do not exist. These are based upon the Informal Influence Modelã developed by Frank Wagner and Chris Coffey.influence model As success becomes more dependent on building effective alliances and partnerships, the skills of “aligning” and “acting” are two critical leverage points:

  • Aligning through the skills of - establishing credibility, helping others, and building relationships.
  • Acting through the process of - taking purposeful action, providing value, and earning trust.
DNA of Teams

The three dynamic pairs of leverage points for leaders that determine the ongoing performance a team achieves is based upon the DNA of Teams Model developed by Frank Wagner and Chris Coffey.

  1. enhancing DNADiversity and Direction
    an appropriate level of diversity in how members think and act interacts with a direction in which the team is headed
  2. Norms and Network – an appropriate set of behavioral rules play out in a network of interrelationships (nodes) and communications (connections)
  3. Accountability and Accomplishments – individual and team accountability interacts with a track record of accomplishments creating history of success and/or failure

"I help successful leaders get even better by developing themselves, their people and their teams." - Chris Coffey



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