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The New IQ

This insightful new book provides relevant and immediately usable techniques that let you turn confrontational situations into truly productive outcomes!

chris-coffey-1Written by a noted executive coach to the Fortune 100, Chris Coffey, and Los Angeles Business Journal Nonprofit CIO of the Year, David Lam, this book details how to literally change your life by making simple changes -- just by asking the questions detailed in the book. The authors share the foundational elements of Innovative Questions, this process of asking effective questions and making useful statements to turn around your conversations. The authors provide repeated and easy to try examples of how to radically change your interactions with others for the better.

To make the book more entertaining, included in the middle of the book is a fable, much like Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team, which helps to illustrate the process at work. Furthermore, as the study of a CIO client of an executive coach, this is not just another self-help management book, it is a true life recollection of what can happen when someone teaches you how to get remarkably better.

Interview With Chris

Chris Coffey has been successfully working with clients in the Fortune 100 for more than 30 years, and he doesn’t get paid unless there is a positive change in behavior that’s sustainable, recognized, and acknowledged by others.  Chris recently sat down with Susan Gilell-Stuy to be interviewed for her Leadership Compound Conversations series and to talk about his insightful new book, “The New IQ”. 

During the course of the conversation Chris shares his methodology, and some immediately useable techniques that can literally change your life and turn confrontational situations into truly productive outcomes. As David himself says in the student introduction to the book, “Chris’ methodology works. I thought it was amazing when I first started learning with Chris, and it just keeps getting better.”

We hope you enjoy listening to it!

Full Interview Transcript

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